Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance is a chapter sponsor for National Honor Society for Dance Arts through the National Dance Education Organization. The following students have met rigorous application requirements for induction in 2020:

Lily Blanton


Juliette Daigneault, Molly Flynn, Julia Grey, Claire Griffin, Angie Stofka


Isabella Eckardt, Melanie Kardos, Nell Walton


Olivia Brown, Jessica Fine, Charlotte Landzberg, Ruby Potash, Tess Riley, Julia Sullivan, Samantha Tilley


Julia Assue, Taylor Bergstraesser, Allison Brown, Alexander Carrazzone, Lauren Dyson, Janel Fitzgerald, Julia Kerr, Nicholas Meyers, Audrey Porter, Jillian Savoca, Annaliese Schweitzer, Hannah Waldinger (student president)

Emma Sandhu Spirit of Dance Award recognizes a student exhibiting passion for dance and life in honor and memory of our beloved student Emma Sandhu.

2020 recipient: Melanie Kardos, 2019 recipient: Jillian Savoca, 2018 recipient: Izzy Ellin, 2017 recipient: Lauren Dyson, 2016 recipient: Nicholas Meyers

Patricia Schuster Award supports a graduating senior going on to study dance at the college or professional level.

2020 recipient: Nell Walton, 2019 recipient: Allison Hard, 2018 recipient: Julia Assue, 2017 recipient: Alexander Carrazzone, 2016 recipient: Janel Fitzgerald

Leadership in Dance Award: In 2019, this recognized a student who personified leadership through kindness, which we honor here.

2019 recipient:  Ruby Potash